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A damn good rant

19 Nov 2006 / 0 Comments / in going off on one, hellbound

Forgive me if I share with you just a few of the random things that have been annoying me recently. (Warning! Some are not politically correct.)

  • Dirty people who throw away their chewing gum on pavements making a disgusting mess that councils have to clear up at huge expense.

  • Mothers of dead soldiers who complain publicly that their sons and daughters got killed while fighting a war. Err, hello! Get real! It’s in the job description. Yes I know, I’m all heart!
  • People on the BBC who are unable to recognise and use the difference between fewer and less. I don’t expect ITV people to be able to get that right, but I DO expect anyone on Auntie Beeb to.
  • Idiots who drive and use mobile phones at the same time. Grrr! How can they not see how dangerous this is? Having red hot spikes applied to the skin beneath their toenails is too good a punishment for them.
  • Idiots who drive at 40mph on main roads. GET OFF THE ROAD if you can’t keep up with the rest of the traffic!
  • Idiots who don’t have the common courtesy to drive through villages and towns at 30mph.
  • Parents of small children who allow them to get away with that ear-splitting high-pitched shrieking. This is unacceptable, anti-social behaviour. My children wouldn’t have dared…
  • Selfish old people who drive too slowly (and probably shouldn’t be on the road if they have to drive that slowly) and don’t get out of my way in the supermarket aisles when I ask them to ‘excuse me, please’. Some of us are not yet retired and have to crack on with our very busy lives. (And no, I’m, not saying ALL old people are selfish.)

Gosh! I *heart* a damn good rant. What’s annoying you?

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