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Would you like a unique, original painting made as a precious gift to mark a special occasion? Or perhaps you have a particular wall space at home or in the office that seems empty? A commission costs so much less than you think, and the pleasure of having something made especially for you will last a lifetime.

Email Jane to discuss what you want; the subject matter, the reasons, the palette, the dimensions, who it’s for and as well as deadlines and how your budget. Let me organise framing for you, then all you have to do it hang it and enjoy it.

Some commissions include:

White horse brown hare

Lori emailed me. She’d seen a painting I had already made – and sold – and wanted something similar. So I made this one for her. Lori said: “I absolutely LOVE it!!!!! It’s perfect. I love the hare in the front, the expression is wonderful. And the moon! I’m so excited to get it and hang it up!! Thank you, thank you.


Tristan and the toco toucan

Colin called me. He knew I loved to paint birds. “We just came back from holiday in Brazil where my son had a close encounter with a toco toucan. Could you make a portrait of him with one on his arm?”  Oh yes.


Byron’s Ridgeway walk

Inspired by the the same ancient path as Hannah (see below) Byron asked me to make a picture for me to commemorate his walk on the chalk.


Hannahs ridgeway walk
Hannah’s Ridgeway walk

“My 13-year-old daughter and I walked the Ridgeway this summer. Can you make a painting for her of our journey?” Yes of course!




A client asked me to paint Kokopelli, a prehistoric god from south western USA. Within a certain size and budget, my client gave me free rein to do with Kokopelli what I wanted. She loved it.



Pebbles from heavenPebbles from heaven

A client asked me to make a painting of pebbles for his girlfriend who was mad about stones and collecting pebbles. “Just some pebbles, the way you do them” was the brief.



Poppy knows the secretsPoppy knows the secrets

“I don’t do pet portraits” was my initial response to a friend who wanted me to paint her cat. “It should be more about Poppy than of him”, she said. She told me about him, what he liked to do and what he meant to her.

This is a demo store for testing purposes — no orders shall be fulfilled.