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Bank robbery

13 Dec 2006 / in general stuff, going off on one

Did you see the The Money Programme on BBC2 at 10pm last night?

Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid were my favourite bank robbers.
It revealed that the banks have been ripping us off for years and years by charging us illegal bank charges. The scam was uncovered Stephen Hone, an Ordinary Bloke from Plymouth. Like him, we always thought they were unfair, didn’t we? But now he’s shown it to be illegal! Gawd bless you, sah!

The programme then – get this, pop-pickers – showed you how you can reclaim the charges your bank has stolen off you going back for six years! Here’s what you do.

Go claim!

There’s more here, including forms and instructions on how to claim the money the banks owe you.

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