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Beard festival

17 Aug 2006 / in music and gigs, Oxfordshire
I was at the Cropredy festival last weekend, surrounded by statistically more beards than is usual in the general male population; I estimated 20% of male festival goers sported facial fuzz. This pleases me as I love beards. But they don’t suit me. Fortunately my husband Moth (pictured) wears one for me and it suits him rather well. He grew it for me for a Christmas pressie in 2003. He was clean-shaven when we met.

Anyway, all those lovely beards at the festival reminded me of a very silly poem I wrote a couple of years ago which I thought I’d share with you now.

Men are great in many ways
But one thing’s downright ace
And that’s a fleecy, furry, curly
Snuggly, fuzzy face.

A gent is much enhanced thus
‘Cept for those that are long and flowing
Unkempt beards are really gross
And do not get me going.

I’m not so keen at this extreme
They don’t need to be so full-a
Take Gandalph, for example
Or a middle eastern mullah.

The beard game is a tough one
And if you really want to win
Consider very carefully
The whiskers on your chin.

If your woman doesn’t want ‘full face’
On the grounds of bad skin rash
Why not try a little cute
And neatly trimmed moustache?

Sir! Wanna look more mature
And really cut a dash?
Sport a goatee on your jaw
You’ll look wiser in a flash!

Some girls think that hair means dirt
But I think hair is cute
To me there’s nothing more attractive
Than a gentleman hirsute.

So I big it up for facial fuzz
And I have oft-out-cheered
Those who smeared and jeered and sneered at
The much revered beard!

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