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Beware of virtual magpies!

27 Jun 2007 / 0 Comments / in about art, going off on one
Just because you put an image up on the web, as I frequent do, it doesn’t give other people the right lift your pictures and use them in their own website and blogs without asking.

This has happened to me a number of times recently and frankly I’m getting a bit miffed about it. I don’t mind so much if people credit my pictures and give a hyperlink back to my website, but when they just take without asking it’s too much. Five-year-olds know not to do this, so why do web users think it’s OK?

It happened to me again this week. No credit, no link, just a painting stolen. And worse still was the fact that this blogger (who I won’t name to save her embarrassment) was not even hosting the image herself. Instead she linked directly back to my website thereby stealing my bandwidth: I was hosting and paying for it!

I thought perhaps I was over-reacting so I discussed it with some of my online chums. No, they too thought it lacked common courtesy. The fact is, that when people ask me if they can use my pics – and I do get asked quite a lot – I always say ‘yes’ if it’s not for commercial purposes.

Sorry to rant over such an apparently small thing, but my pictures mean quite a lot to me.

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