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Christianity is not my tradition

04 Dec 2007 / 0 Comments / in hellbound
Attempts to move christian traditions to the “margins” of British life have “gone far enough”, MP Mark Pritchard has said.

Rubbish! The ‘Muhammed the teddy bear’ fiasco should show us that clearly we haven’t gone far enough, and the sooner we dump all vestiges of faith – specifically christianity – from government the better. Basing a system of government on a middle eastern iron age death cult or indeed any faith is absurd and undemocratic. It’s time we followed the lead of our enlightened neighbours in France and went secular.

Mark Pritchard must be completely paranoid as well as deluded. But the biggest crime here is the deliberate waste of parliamentary time on such a ridiculous subject.

All ties between religion and politics must be severed. Only then can people be truly free to practice their various religions or godlessness equally without feeling like the ‘state’ religion is imposing its particular beliefs on them.

And when someone wheels out that old ‘tradition’ argument, I immediately become deeply suspicious. Remember it was once tradition to make war with France, burn women as witches, beat wives and kill foxes with dogs. Thankfully we’ve moved on a tiny weeny bit. Christianity is no more our tradition than our long history of welcoming European immigrants to our island. And I bet Mark Pritchard would have something to say about that.

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