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Give us this day our daily Attenborough

03 Mar 2008 / in watching and reading

If I’ve been a bit quiet on here of late, blame David Attenborough. I mean ‘Sir David’, obviously.

It’s because we’ve invested in scores of Attenborough DVDs, including the boxed set of 24 DVDs called ‘The Life Collection’, but also ‘Attenborough in Paradise’, ‘The Blue Planet’, ‘Planet Earth’, ‘Lost Worlds, Vanished Lives’ and ‘The First Eden’ … hours and hours of the finest quality viewing! We’re slowly working our way round the world, marvelling in the glories of our planet in his wonderful company and learning so much.

And we’re still waiting for his series ‘Tribal Eye’ to arrive. I do love it when Attenborough lets his inner anthropologist hang out. I didn’t see that series first time round, so I’m greatly looking forward to that.

Rumour has it that he’s currently working on a programme about the great Charles Darwin. That should annoy the creationists. Which is always nice.

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