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Do you agree with gays?

23 Apr 2007 / 0 Comments / in going off on one
‘Do you agree with gays?’ I was asked this question by a 13-year-old lad at the weekend. I replied ‘agree with them about what?’ He clarified what he meant. ‘You know, do you think it’s right they should marry and stuff?’

I told him I thought if two people wanted to be with each other then that was no one else’s business but their own, and what the two people keep in their pants was irrelevant. I said I thought that the most sensible way to be was bi-sexual (after all why limit yourself to one gender or the other? )

Hmmmm… He thought about it for a while before saying: ‘but it’s unnatural. If we were put on this earth to reproduce…’ but I cut him short and told him no one put us here, we just *are* and who says we have to have children? I don’t think he’d ever really thought about these things at all.

Who on earth plants the seeds of these prejudices in the minds of our young people?

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