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Do you wash your hair in bullshitizomes?

06 Feb 2006 / in going off on one
Does your shampoo have ‘nutri-shine’, it is enhanced with real ‘botanicals’, does is contain ‘creatin’, or ‘shinozomes’ or does it promote an orgasmic shower? Does your conditioner boast that it contains real ginger? Why is this good? Can someone tell me why fruit salad is being used to make bathroom cleansing products instead of nutritious, mouth-watering desserts?

Who the hell are ‘they’ trying to fool?

I’d be more impressed if the advertisers cut the crap about containing 100% extracts of bullshitizomes and simply told me it’ll get my hair clean, hasn’t been tested on fluffy creatures and won’t put too many chemicals in the waterways.

This is a demo store for testing purposes — no orders shall be fulfilled.