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E-cards: fun, free and festive

10 Dec 2010 / 0 Comments / in about art, general stuff

Whichever way you celebrate the festive season, and whether you believe in Father Christmas or not, you’ll find a suitable e-card right here. And there’s no annoying log in – just choose the one you like and click to send. Easy.

I have a number of e-cards featuring my painting of birds, including lots of lovely doves,  and others featuring paintings with festive themes. None of them show anything overtly religious so they’re suitable for everyone.

Did you get a card from someone you left off your own christmas card list? Whoops! Quick, send them an e-card!

If you want to send the same card with the same greeting to more than one person:

  • go to the birds and doves e-cards page or the festive e-cards page
  • select the painting you like
  • send it to yourself
  • go to your email and find the e-card
  • forward it
  • carefully remove the FW: from the subject line and put in your greeting
  • put all the email addresses you want to send the card to into the ‘Bcc’ field and not ‘To’ or ‘Cc’. (If you do, everyone in that group of email addresses will see everyone else who you’ve sent it to)
  • send!

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