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Elephants in the Mara

26 Mar 2010 / 1 Comment / in natural world, travels

I first visited Kenya’s Masai Mara game reserve ten years ago and I remember being moved to tears when I saw my first wild elephant move slowly out from behind a tree.
elephants grazing in the Mara
I returned to the Mara last month and this time was able to share its breathtaking wonders with my husband Moth who had never been to East Africa before.
big herd of elephants in the Mara

We came across this mighty 46-strong herd of elephants, who calmly allowed us to watch them at close range for some time.

elephant herd on the horizon

They made deep rumbling noises to keep in touch with each other as they grazed the lush valley. (Check out the colour of the sky – that approaching storm later became flash floods!) The only other sound was the click of camera shutters from visitors observing the herd. Here are Jo, Kurt, Cait and Andy enjoying the spectacle:

people watching elephants

Elephants of all ages made up the herd…
baby elephant in the Mara
…but it was the really, really tiny baby who captured our hearts.
elephant mother and tiny baby
Photos: Moth Clark

One Response to Elephants in the Mara

  1. David Brooks says:

    BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much, Jane, for posting these! What gorgeous creatures. THIS is where they belong. There are elephants in the Toronto zoo. But, because of our climate, they’re kept in a barn stall for six months of the year. Last year two of the Toronto zoo elephants died within six months of each other. Insanely cruel to imprison these beautiful, intelligent animals. THIS is the life they deserve.

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