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Eliminate religious bull

04 Jul 2007 / in hellbound

With so much fawning and bending over backwards by politicians to accommodate and ‘respect’ people’s religions, I have been following this story with great interest.

Photo from Skanda Vale
Poor old Shambo, a solitary temple bull has tested positive for bovine TB.

The law says that any bovine which tests positive for TB is to be slaughtered. The religious community, Skanda Vale, where he lives objected to the order to slaughter him on religious grounds.

They said that as Shambo is a ‘sacred’ animal who will not enter the human food chain, he should be treated for the disease and spared. Yes! Skanda Vale have been trying to play that nauseating religious ‘trump card’.

Bollocks to that!

While it is always a tragedy when an animal has to be slaughtered, no exceptions should be made for religious reasons. Not ever, and especially not when health is at stake. It’s time to eliminate religious bull.

This is a demo store for testing purposes — no orders shall be fulfilled.