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Eynsham Morris on carnival day

04 Jul 2009 / in events, general stuff, Oxfordshire

There are so many reasons why I love Eynsham. One of them is the Eynsham Morris.

They always dance on high days and holidays, including May day and of course the Eynsham village carnival, which is today.

Colourful, traditional, totally inclusive, quintessentially British, and great fun, Eynsham villagers turn out in their hundreds to watch them play their accordions, penny whistles and percussion and throw themselves around the Square, kerchiefs and staffs in hand.

Today they were joined by the Cumnor ‘Armaleggan’ Morris, from a neighbouring village, looking splendid in goth-style black clothing, working up a vigorous sweat.

All of the Morris are well-known village characters, many of who are Eynsham born and bred.

They continue a long and much-loved village tradition which essentially simply brings people together for a good time. And who could possibly argue with that?

I confess I harbour a secret desire to stick feathers in my hat, strap some bells onto my boots, pin some ribbons on a smock, bang some coconuts together and get down there and join them.

Bloody marvellous bunch!

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