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Faithless and proud

07 Nov 2006 / 0 Comments / in going off on one, hellbound

Haggard gets into an argument with Richard Dawkins.
Former evangelical leader Ted Haggard admits buying drugs and having a massage with a male prostitute. But hey! it’s OK because he says he didn’t actually take the drugs, nor did he have sex with the man. And we’re supposed to believe this from a man who has admitted he’s a liar.

The barefaced hypocracy of this creature who’s meant to represent love and trust is almost as bad as calling his homosexuality ‘repulsive and dark’.

What kind of faith makes you lie about who you are and what you feel? What kind of faith makes you lie to your family and friends and thousands of people who have trusted you with their spiritual wellbeing? Did he really think he could hide shooting up and getting laid with someone other than his wife from his omnipotent god? Shows how much he believed. If I could just stop laughing I might even pity him.

No wonder I’m an atheist.

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