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Fish for Christmas

01 Jan 2008 / 0 Comments / in fishing, Oxfordshire

On Christmas day we took a small boat out onto the reef near Safaga in the Red Sea. En route to the reef we spotted a beautiful turtle:

We donned wetsuits and snorkelling gear and got into the Red Sea. I couldn’t wait to get in!

My fish-obsessed son Rupert, whose birthday it was the day before, couldn’t wait to meet up with some piscean pals.

The water was much warmer than I had expected for December (about 22degC) and all my fellow travellers got in happily, except Moth who doesn’t like getting wet and is not a confident swimmer. So he stayed dry on the boat and took photos of us:

The reef was teeming with hundreds of different kinds of brightly coloured fish. Don’t you just so cherish biodiversity?! An evolutionary masterpiece!

My husband Moth took these photos from a glass-bottomed boat. Left to right: masked porcupine fish, sulphur damselfish, regal angelfish

Once we’d snorkelled at a few different places, some of the boys felt confident enough to jump off the top of the boat. Here’s Charlie Jefford and Rupe taking the plunge!

So what did you do on Christmas day?

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