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When fishing is too easy!

29 Aug 2007 / in fishing

Today I went with Rupert and his mate Luke to a little private lake called The Goldfish Bowl at Clifton, near Deddington, Oxfordshire. After last Friday’s fishless day by the lake we usually go to, Rupert wanted to catch LOTS of fish. And at The Goldfish Bowl it’s almost too easy! The fish virtually fight to be caught.

Rupert and Luke caught between them perhaps more than 50 fish each – common and mirror carp usually between 3 and 6lbs, but there are bigger ones in there. Luke got an 11lb common. Here’s a common:

and here’s a mirror:

As soon as you chuck in any bait, the water ‘boils’ with hungry carp feeding frenzy. All you have to do is wait a moment and one of them will take your bait.

The ease of hooking them is great – superb for beginners who need to learn how to bring in a fish, land it safely, handle it carefully and return it unharmed. But somehow, the fun of not knowing what you might catch – if anything – was lost. It was the difference between going to a zoo where you’re guaranteed to see animals and going on a game drive in an African reserve where you know the game is out there, but you might only get a fleeting glimpse, or you might see a pride of lions.

Non-angling readers may be relieved to hear this will be the last fishy blog for a few weeks…

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