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Floods recede at last

26 Jul 2007 / in events, Oxfordshire

Phew! After a very difficult and very wet week here in west Oxford/shire, it looks like
the floods are finally receding.

The ancient people who founded the village of Eynsham, where I live, were wise indeed. Rather than build the settlement on the riverside of the Thames or the Evenlode, they built it half a mile away on marginally higher ground. Consequently our house was never directly threatened by flood water.

However getting around has been truly ghastly this week. With the two main routes into Oxford from the west and south flooded, the roads which have been open are choc-a-block with diverted traffic. Public transport has been a nightmare – and earlier in the week, puddles like lakes on the A40 were too deep and dangerous to ride my little motorcycle through.

Here’s a view of the Thames swirling and angry as it passes beneath the Swinford Toll Bridge just outside the village. All the surrounding fields are under water:

After the recent fire in the village and now floods, I’m left wondering what’s next. Uh-oh… what are those dark clouds? Ah! Just more rain. Thank goodness! For a moment there I thought it might be a plague of locusts. Holiday in west Oxfordshire anyone?

By contrast, I got a text message from my son this morning, who is on holiday in Turkey this week. It simply read: ‘It’s too f**king hot!’

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