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21 Jul 2007 / 0 Comments / in events, Oxfordshire

Last month we had fire, this month it’s floods! After Friday’s torrential rain (we had 117mm of rain in
six hours) Oxfordshire is bracing itself for a river surge.

We felt the first effects of it today. My friend K and I went up to Stratford on Avon (it was also badly affected) to visit my Dad, and encountered flooded roads, abandoned vehicles and a frantic mopping up exercise in Shipston on Stour. The watermarks on the walls of houses and the piles of wet furniture and carpets outside shops and houses told a sorry tale.

But it was as we tried to get home that the scale of it became horribly real.

The A4095 west of Bladon, which we’d negotiated happily 5 hours before, was impassible. The Evenlode had burst its banks:

This van was floating:

We had to make another attempt to get home – through Cassington, where we met at queue of slow traffic. Apparently the Evenlode had just burst its banks on the A40 and the water was rising. While it was still passable anf there were emergency vehicles around, we had to give it a go. We waited more than an hour for me to drive through it, which was very scary. The water was fast flowing, washing around under the car, causing steam to rise up, and it was up to the gunnels of the car at times. I drove through it for more than half a mile.

Abandoned cars littered the roadside and the petrol station was inundated:

I was damned glad to finally drive clear!

Aware that the water level was still rising I went out to reccy the situation an hour ago. The end of our
lane is now under four inches of water…

…and the water is even deeper on the A40 having risen all the way up to the A40/B4449 roundabout.

What will tomorrow bring, I wonder, as the water surges down off the Cotswolds?
Photos Kay Woods and me.

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