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Focus on the music, Rupert

30 Apr 2008 / in music and gigs

We went to see Dutch prog rockers Focus again on Monday night – third time in a year. They’re that good. Just like some bands are big in Japan, Focus seem to be huge in Swindon. They always play to packed houses in that town, which usually include me, my husband Moth and son Rupert.

We had front row seats and we really looking forward to it. Unfortunately Rupert fell over as we were waiting outside the Arts Centre and hurt his ankle and wrist. Despite being unable to put any weight on his foot and in some pain, he wanted to stay to see his favourite Dutch masters play anyway. So we hauled him in to the auditorium. Dosed up on ibuprofen and with his foot elevated on the front of the stage, the band played (nearly) all his favourites which took his mind off the deep dull pain from his injuries.

I was sitting directly in front of Thijs van Leer, Focus’ founder member who plays the Hammond organ and flute and occasionally yodels.

Even after all these years he seems to enjoy what he does, playing the sweetest of tunes of his own composition, completely unselfconsciously with his crazy, often wordless, vocalisations.

Niels van der Steenhoven, the guitarist, is not an original member of the band which was formed before he was born.

He plays effortlessly, almost calmly with none of the usual posturing you’d expect from a young man playing big swooping complex melodies in a progressive rock band. Indeed he seems almost embarrassed of his extreme talent.

I took Rupes to hospital yesterday morning. He broke his right ankle and his right scaphoid bone. Now he’s trussed up with two huge fibreglass casts. No fishing for him for while. He’ll just have to focus on the music.

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