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New improved Deadly Sins!

10 Mar 2008 / 0 Comments / in hellbound

That doddering old out-of-touch fool, the pope has declared some new additions to his list of deadly sins. Here they are:

Pope Benedict: the face of Evil
  • genetic experimentation
  • tampering with the order of nature
  • pollution
  • social injustice
  • causing poverty
  • drug abuse
  • excessive wealth

On the surface you may think, ‘ooh, some of that’s quite cool, the old boy’s gone green and socially responsible!’ But scratch the surface and the stench of hypocracy is overpowering. For example, how can he begin to preach about excessive wealth when the pope’s little pad looks like this?

On social injustice, we should remember the catholic church’s part in the holocaust and their 2,000-year-old hatred of the jews. And we shouldn’t forget how the catholic church CAUSES poverty by preventing family planning, forcing families to have children they cannot feed, clothe, house and educate.

On genetic experimentation, can someone explain to me how a one-day old embryo has more right to life than the millions of people suffering right now from hideous diseases which may be cured if we encouraged scientists to do research on stem-cells and embryos?

Finally, my friend Paul asks bitterly: “Does ‘Tampering With The Order Of Nature’ include abusing choir boys? … Now kiss my ring.”

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