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Introducing Hummingbird

03 Feb 2010 / 0 Comments / in music and gigs

I’ve been repeatedly listening to the only three albums recorded by early 70s band Hummingbird, who I just can’t get enough of. You have to love a band with a bird name. Formed by guitarist and vocalist Bobby Tench in 1973 (you have to love a man with a fish name), they play funky rock with a large dollop of soul thrown in. Their songs have fabulous melodies, rubbery bouncing rhythms and grooves like crevasses. I even like their ballads, for goodness sake, something I usually loathe.

Of their three albums Diamond Nights is the one I need to hear daily. It features my two favourite songs Got My Led Boots On and Anaconda. I wish I could point you to a clip on You Tube or elsewhere, but I can find nothing to show you. Hummingbird were apparently big in Japan, and must still be, because Diamond Nights was re-issued there in 2007.

Thinking about Hummingbird, there are two things that really gall me. One: that Susan Boyle’s tedious unadventurous caterwauling is so popular while practically no one has ever heard of Bobby Tench’s Hummingbird. Two: that Hummingbird are sadly no more, and I will therefore never see them play live. Waaa! Life’s so unfair!

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