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Lionesses and cubs in the Mara

26 Mar 2010 / 0 Comments / in natural world, travels

We had some fantastic sightings of lions in the Mara. And not just lions lying about sleeping; lions actually doing stuff. We stumbled across this very healthy looking pride of about 10 females and their eight cubs, resting near the Talek river.
big pride of lions in the Mara

When we first reached them, they were, indeed, lying about sleeping, waking and yawning.
lioness yawning
There was a smell of rotting flesh hanging in the air, so there was clearly an old kill nearby. We found it half way down the rivercliffs, a couple of young males chomping away happily at a rib cage.

lions on the kill

The cubs were playing quietly and everyone was fed and happy.

Suddenly all the lionesses leapt up …

lionesses running

…and charged at full speed towards a nearby ridge on which they’d spotted a male lion approaching, roaring as they went.

lioness at full speed

Given the chance he would attack and kill their cubs, so they had to defend their ground and see him off!

more lion cubs

The cubs stayed where they were and quickly banded together, all the while watching their mums and aunties dash toward the threat.

lots of lion cubs

They cried out calling for their mums to come back.

lion cub cries for its mother

It wasn’t long before the lionesses returned, and everyone greeted each other enthusiastically.
lion cub greets its mum

We later found the male lion by now lying far enough away from the girls to keep the girls happy. We noticed he’d got a nasty open wound on his nose.

male lion in the grass

Photos: Moth Clark

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