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Map of Eynsham

To amuse myself while recovering from a trapped nerve, I thought I would do a little gentle doodling in the form of a hand-drawn map of Eynsham, the village where I live.Map of Eynsham Click on the map to enlarge it.

It’s my Eynsham and my drawing, so I make no apology for it not being to scale.

It’s not even accurate; huge chunks of the village are not shown, but you could use it to navigate your way around the village.

I drew what I think are the nicest or most important buildings, shops and houses; sketched in some of activities, history, nature and things you can find here or that stand out for me.

Here’s the title with the all important factual geographical information: click to enlargeMap of Eynsham - detail with title.

Maps are for sale in the shop. You can buy it folded in a cover, or flat and signed by the artist suitable for framing. It’s a great gift for anyone who loves our village.

Here’s the area by the river. Click to enlarge. What’s that highwayman doing there?

Map of Eynsham with detail of the Swinford bridge

2 Responses to Map of Eynsham

  1. Lorna Marrison says:

    I like the map!

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