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More Harpernautics

05 May 2007 / in music and gigs

We couldn’t resist. Nick Harper, (who I keep banging on about here and here ), was so good last Sunday in Marlborough, that despite feeling dog very tired, we had to go and see him again last night in Worcester. We were a bit late and couldn’t find the venue. I was worried we’d miss the first song and wouldn’t have anywhere to sit, but we turned a corner and there was Nick out for a pre-show stroll! I greeted him, smiling, with: ‘Thank god you’re not on stage yet!’ He even remembered our names. Aww, what a nice bloke!

I guess that makes us real Harpernauts now!

He treated us to the usual jaw-dropping display of virtuoso guitar attack – slapping, hacking, picking, strumming, thumping and stroking his way through songs both sweet and poignant, fierce and passionate. With hurricane-force playing like Nick’s, he broke a string. His effortless party piece of changing a string during a song brought roars of applause from the warm, appreciative audience.

He played the title song from his new album ‘Miracles for beginners’, as well as the breathtaking ‘Blue sky thinking’, as well as old favourites like ‘Love is music’, ‘Aeroplane’ and ‘the Magnificent G7′. I closed my eyes the better to get lost in the music and I realised I was deep in Harperspace…

Nick has more talent in his little finger than all those “chart-topping, major-label, mediocre warblers and soundalike ‘indie’ pretty boys put together”, as one friend and fellow Harpernaut so accurately put it. No wonder he’s been described as the man who plays guitar like he’s wearing god’s underpants.

Go see him for yourself.

Can’t wait to see him in Aldershot in a couple of weeks’ time.

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