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New tricks

25 May 2006 / 0 Comments / in general stuff, Oxfordshire

From my last post, you’d be forgiven for thinking that I was someone who think all young people are thoughtless, vacuous yobs only interested in shagging, drinking and getting something for nothing. Just read the tabloids and you’ll see you don’t have to be young to want all those things. Anyway, I digress. Young people get a really raw deal and generally a very bad press which isn’t fair.

Earlier this evening I spotted three young men who don’t live in this street climbing the walls around our garage area. As this area has recently suffered a wave of pitifully uncreative graffiti and to my shame I was immediately suspicious of them, which was not fair. They seemed to be doing tricks; a sort of aerial acrobatics. I watched for a while. I was concerned they would get on the flat garage roofs which wouldn’t take a person’s weight and could get hurt, so I called out of the window for them to be careful.

One of the lads made an impressive leap across a pavement from a wall. Wow! I called out for him to do it again, and as he did I took a photo.

I wanted to show it to the young man who had made the leap. I went outside to meet them. I think they thought I’d ask them to move on, but I was genuinely interested in what they were up to. They did some more running and jumping and leaping to show me what they could do. Cor! They explained they were tricking and freerunning, neither of which I had heard of before. They were members of Oxtricks who practice this innovative urban art around Oxford, and now my village. They were great.

When we were teenagers all we did was hang around aimlessly on the ‘rec’ or the theatre gardens, engage in pointless gossip and drink cheap cider. These young men were being creative, acrobatic, making friends, having fun and staying fit. We old gits have so much to learn from our young people.

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