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No swimming!

15 Apr 2007 / in fishing

It was such a beautiful warm evening yesterday with not a breath of wind, so my son Rupert and I went to Surman Lake armed with a packet of green goo (a new bait Rupes has found) to see if he could hook any carp.

He could!

But shortly after I took this photo … disaster! I was enthusiastically trying to take a pic of Rupe releasing the fish back into the lake, but I slipped on a build-up of algae and other shite and tumbled in! Splash! The only thing I could think as I fell was “jesus-h-christ!-I-have-the-expensive-camera-in-my-hand!” – wrapped around my wrist to be precise. I held it aloft as I plunged undignified into the water and I shouted for Rupert to “take the camera off me!!!!” Which he did. Phew!

Only when the Nikon was safe could I worry about standing in the fishy-smelly lake water, which was much deeper than I’d anticipated, now lapping around me up to my chest. Only now did I become aware that I’d lost a shoe which in water this deep and murky I wouldn’t have hope in hell of finding again. (Fortunately because they were my cork sandals, the lost one floated back to the surface.) Only now could I worry about how the hell I was going to get out!

Rupert was so amused by the incident he missed a fabulous opportunity to take a photo of me up to my chest in the lake! The whole thing was very very funny and we giggled about it for the rest of the evening!

Imagine the embarrassment of having your mum fall in, in full view of your lakeside buddies! Poor Rupert! As I have no shame it bothers me not one jot. But I’m sorry to report that the fall has damaged my left knee – torn ligaments and pulled muscles I think.

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