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On This Deity

I have recently been following a new blog, hosted by Dorian Cope (pictured)  called On This Deity.

Since August Dorian has daily been commemorating what she calls ‘culture heroes’ and reminding us of world events that have in some way had a pivotal impact on culture, society, thinking, politics or science. You know, the big stuff that really matters. I’ve  been lapping it up and have learned so much. I’ve admired both the uncompromising gusto in her writing and her choice of subject matter.

As a blogger and writer myself I know full well how much time and thought goes into putting together a succinct article that readers might actually like. And she’s doing one every day! So I volunteered to help and put together a sample article. She liked it. Today I’m happy to report to you, dear reader, that she has very kindly published my first article on her blog. It’s about a particular hero of mine, the explorer and biologist Alfred Russel Wallace. What a dude he was!

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