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Persistent moth problem?

01 Jul 2006 / in natural world, Oxfordshire

Today between preparing for our trip northwards tomorrow and watching the football, Moth and I had more encounters with lepidoptera.

Photos by Moth Clark
Not only did Husband Moth spot a hummingbird hawk moth on our neighbours lavender, one of which I’d only seen yesterday after never having seen one before, but we were also visited by this one, pictured left.

It’s a garden tiger moth, Arctia caja which definitely wanted to be with us. I first noticed it on the wall in the sitting room. Afraid it might be tortured and eaten by Seafer, the resident feline, we gently shooed it outside. But it found its way back through the curtains and into the house again and it was once again evicted. Later this evening I spotted it fluttering around our back door. I hope by now it hasn’t become bat food…

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