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Peruvian sketches

26 Sep 2010 / 0 Comments / in about art, natural world, travels

The distances we covered in Peru meant that there wasn’t that much time for drawing, but I managed a few little doodles here and there.

It seemed only right to portray a cactus – that iconic and uniquely American creation. Here’s a little one growing in the garden outside our hotel room in Chivay:

At Lake Titicaca the Uros people live on floating islands of  reeds that they themselves have created. Their boats and their houses are all of reeds. The bright yellow of the reeds looked fabulous against the bright dark blue of Titicaca’s cold waters:

Peruvian woman are never idle. It seemed to me they are either working in the fields or weaving. And when they’re not doing that, they are selling what they’ve grown or made. Here’s a woman weaving:

The river Tambopata is a Peruvian tributory of the Amazon. We spent last weekend in a jungle lodge on the riverbanks watching toucans, macaws, capybaras and giant river otters. After a much-needed refreshing swim in the river I sat and sketched this quick view of its muddy waters. I got bitten to pieces as I did so!

Everyone’s heard how marvellous Inca architecture is. I had no idea how marvellous until I saw for myself the giant walls at Saqsaywaman, near Cusco. Held together only by their shape and weight, you couldn’t squeeze a cigarette paper between the massive stones. No mortar means each stone can move and makes the walls able to withstand earthquakes which are frequent round these parts.

And there’s yet more beautiful stone work at Machu Picchu. As we toured the archaeological site I made a series of observations of the terraces, houses, and architectural details:

The next morning we went back up to the site. Moth wanted to walk up to the Sun Gate, the place where those hiking the Inca trail get their first sight of Machu Picchu. And I wanted to sit quietly and make a sketch of the whole site:

They’ll be more on Machu Picchu in a later blog…

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