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Picnic and hanging rocks

06 Aug 2006 / in events, stone hugging

Some of my very favourite things to do are to visit ancient monuments in beautiful countryside, hang out in the sunshine and meet up with friends. Yesterday all these marvellous activites came together in the form of a picnic for fellow stone-huggers (most of who I met on the web) at the largest stone circle in the world at Avebury in Wiltshire.

Thousands of years after the temple at Avebury was built, the stones still have the power to bring people together. This blog is for all of my old friends and now new friends who came along: Moth, treaclechops, nigelswift, Littlestone, moss, Gerald, Goffik and Mrs Goffik, Baza, Melys and her family, jimit, ric, ocifant, juamei and Amy. Here we are:

Mrs and Mr Goffik talk to Gerald Ponting, historian and acclaimed scholar of Callanish:

Treaclechops and I make a groovy connection at the cove – two of Avebury’s first erected stones. The one on the right is 5ms high and there is at least 3ms of stone beneath ground level:

There was time to learn how to twirl:

After a drink in the Red Lion, Moth, treaclechops and I went up to West Kennet long barrow a spectacular and truly ancient neolithic burial chamber with five massive internal chambers. It’s very humbling to think about our ancestors who built this monument 5,500 years ago toiling to raise these massive stones in honour of their dead.

We sat here for some time watching the sun drop, the moon rise, the swallows whooshing around out heads, the warm evening air alive with insects. West Kennet long barrow has a unique magic. Go feel it for yourself! Here’s an aerial shot of it I took two years ago:

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