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I just love a rip roaring tale of drama on the high seas! So how pleased I was to see that the BBC was showing a two part drama about Blackbeard, “the most audacious and charismatic pirate in history, English-born Edward Teach.” according to the BBC website.

It continues: “Charming but fearless, he terrorised American waters in the early 18th century, plundering his way to notoriety and finally driving the colonial government to hunt him down, bringing the golden age of piracy to an end.” Tsk! Bloody do-gooders…

Anyway the first part was shown last night. Actors in fabulous flamboyant costumes staged fabulous flamboyant fight scenes with clashing cutlasses and cannons and said things like: “I’ll be the judge of that, Mr Smith”, and “I’ll wager he’s not a Brizzol man” and “Ooh aarh!” Beautiful wooden ships glided in full sail over golden waters in a limpid Turneresque stylee, though it was strangely windless.

And at the heart of it was Blackbeard, wearing a bandanna and a tricorn, bristling with pistols and cutlasses with a beard down to his chest, played by the almost too perfect James Purefoy. Sigh!

The golden age of piracy may not be over, however…

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