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Proof of a miracle

02 Apr 2007 / 0 Comments / in hellbound

Yet more hypocritical, illogical nonsense here from the catholic church today.

‘They’ want to give John Paul II a sainthood. This in spite of the fact that during his lifetime he condemned millions to death by making them too afraid to use condoms to prevent the spread of disease and prevent unwanted pregnancies which commit unwanted children to lifetimes of poverty. The man was more evil than perhaps even Robert Mugabe, and yet apparently ordinary, sane, rational people in the twenty-first century loved him. Why is a mystery to me.

‘The catholic church demands proof of a medically unexplained healing before a candidate can be beatified – the last step before sainthood. The miracle must take place after the candidate’s death’ says the BBC report. Surely it’s not just me that sees the complete and utter contradictory rubbish in this. The whole point of miracles is you CAN’T prove them – you have to have faith. Faith, by its definition, is the absence of proof. So when a French nun says she was cured of Parkinson’s disease after a bunch of sisters prayed to John Paul II’s spirit for her recovery, if you are a catholic you have to believe her. Call me a cynic, but I don’t. I call her deluded.

What galls me is that catholics are willing to use science to explain stuff when it suits them. But they reject scientific explanations if it interferes with issues of faith. Bloody hypocrites. Like the throat-catching smell of a dead skunk on the tarmac on a hot day, catholicism is utterly nauseating.

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