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Rubbish from poison pen woman

24 Oct 2008 / in going off on one

Melanie Phillips, Daily Mail columnist, was at the Has Science Buried God? debate that we went to on Tuesday night . I didn’t see her. Had I done so, my hackles would have risen – this woman’s opinions are in the same league as Sarah Palin’s.

In this article from her poison pen, she shows herself to be left clutching at straws and showing her ignorance. Doesn’t she understand the basic premise that science must always allow for new evidence to overturn previously-held thinking? That’s the crucial difference between science and religious dogma.

Didn’t she listen to the debate? A debate which left avuncular John Lennox floundering like a fish in the fresh air of Dawkins’ wisdom and clarity. I listened. I listened intently. She went to a different debate to me!

The final straw she clutches at is about something so insignificant: whether the Museum of Natural History was built to the glory of God or not. Dawkins was pretty sure it wasn’t but Phillips and since done her research and apparently it was, which is no great surprise given that it was built in 1855 when virtually every public building was. It’s a pathetic, childish and vacuous attempt to make a snidey final point about Dawkins’ search for truth.

I could go on and on but I’ll be merciful and save you from my ranting! Gah! If there was a hell (which as you know I think there is not) she’d surely be going there.

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