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Safe in your place deep in the earth

18 Mar 2006 / in music and gigs, travels

“Time has told me
You’re a rare, rare find
A troubled cure
For a troubled mind”

from Time has told me, Nick Drake, 1968.

Pictured left, Nick Drake on the cover of his first album, Five Leaves Left

After visiting my  Dad in Stratford on Avon, we drove north through the Warwickshire of my childhood to visit the grave of songwriter and musician Nick Drake.

He lies in a simple grave, now joined by his parents, beneath a tree in the churchyard at Tanworth-in-Arden. Nick’s music is sincere, haunting, emotional, intense, beautiful, universal, lyrical, effortless and speaks directly to the soul in a way no other musician does.

If these claims seem gushing, then check out Nick’s work for yourself.

You’ll find it’s all true.

Safe in the womb
Of an everlasting night
You find the darkness can
Give the brightest light
Safe in your place deep in the earth
That’s when they’ll know what you’re really worth
Forgotten while you’re here
‘Fruit Tree’, Nick Drake, 1968

In the same beautiful churchyard we stumbled across the grave of legendary motorcyclist Mike Hailwood and his nine-year-old daughter, Michelle, which had been decorated with wonderful stripey pebbles.

There are no gods.

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