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Shopping with Jesus

14 Mar 2008 / 0 Comments / in hellbound

I have long been an opponent of ‘disposable’ plastic bags. I rarely if ever use them. I take my own shopping bags, one of which has served me well for 25 years and is still going strong. So I welcomed the Chancellor’s moves to tax plastic bags in this year’s Budget.

Anyway, earlier this year I was amused by this story where a bunch of over-sensitive, humourless christians in Singapore had been offended by a range of rather jolly products featuring Jesus. This is how they send out the Good News of their product range:

They sounded like exactly my sort of products! I was particularly enamoured with the Jesus Tote Bag, which I thought would add a certain frisson to tedious trips to the supermarket.

As the company who market the products do not sell them or ship them to the UK, I asked my Canadian friend David if he’d help this miserable sinner pander to her whim to own some of these sacred treasures. He was amused, too and very kindly he bought and posted them over to me. God bless you, David!

So here I am, out shopping with the King of Kings for my daily bread, saving plastic bags with the Saviour. One of the first things I put in it were a dozen hot-cross buns:

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