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Slow down, stone circle!

26 Jul 2006 / in stone hugging, travels

These days we have drive-thru restaurants, drive-in cinemas, drive-thru banks, and you can even have a drive-thru wedding. This heinous drive-thru mentality is apparently spreading.

My friend Littlestone pointed me towards this article by Philip Johnston in The Daily Telegraph. In it, Johnston says that if a road tunnel was built near Stonehenge to protect the delicate and ancient environment around the stones he’d lose the view he gets of the stones as he drives past on the A303. Awww! Diddums!

Purple Haze by me, 1999

I’m a well-known lazy bugger who hates unnecessary walking – an activity I find dangerous, a waste of time and hugely dull as I largely end up looking at my feet to avoid falling over. But there are some things you just have to get out of your car to see, feel and investigate. Stonehenge is one of them.

Though access to Stonehenge is severely controlled and restricted, it is still a monument to make jaws-drop. The environment in which it is sited is full of Bronze- and Iron Age barrows, neolithic earthworks and avenues. Surely this is worth protecting properly with a decent road scheme and a revised visitor experience? Campaigners
Heritage Action have got the right idea.

If he wants a proper drive-thru prehistoric experience he should try Avebury, just up the road from Stonehenge.

Photo: Avebury from the air by me
Or the Leys of Marlee stone circle in Perthshire, which ought to be equipped with a sign: “Slow down, stone circle!”

Photo: me at the Leys of Marlee by Moth Clark

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