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Something holy for a Sunday

This atheist has been offered a ray of light. I will be getting down on my knees every Sunday night for the next few weeks to give thanks for the genius of Alastair Fothergill of the BBC Natural History Unit for producing his epic new portrait of the planet, Planet Earth, narrated by the god-like nearly-octagenarian Sir David Attenborough.

In an increasingly mad, mad world where religion appears to offer conflict rather than comfort, I consider our planet the only thing worth believing in. I like to get out and about to practice my religion as much as I can and I am very fortunate to have seen so much of it. And yet there is always more to enjoy and to learn about.

Tonight I watched the introductory programme in awe. We were treated to spectacular aerial footage of the surface of our planet, and of the creatures inhabiting the tear-jerkingly beautiful landscapes: a giant great white shark preying on sealions; a bird of paradise dancing; a snow leopard and her cub – two of the only 40 individuals that remain; and a pack of hunting dogs chasing impala. Oooh! I just have to go to pray at the temple that is the Okavango delta now.

Sir David has done more to educate and inform the public about the natural world than anyone. He frees me from my own life and takes me to heavenly, holy places through my telly. He is the High Priest of my religion.

Curled up on the sofa in front of the telly at 9pm, at last I have a Sunday ritual worth performing.

Images from the BBC website

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