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Swinford Toll Bridge radio ranting

13 May 2007 / in Oxfordshire, Swinford toll bridge

Cripes-a-lorcy, it’s been a busy week! Apart from being frantically busy at work, I took my motorcycle theory test on Thursday – which I passed. Also this week, my online petition to scrap that stupid 5p toll on the Swinford Toll Bridge reached 600 signatures. To be honest, I haven’t promoted this very widely, except through this blog, so thanks to everyone on the grapevine!

The 600th signatory (thanks Emma! ) happened at a fortunate time for me as it allowed me to tell BBC Oxford about my painting River song, which I’ll be exhibiting during my artweeks show which opens on Saturday 26 May. River song is my response to the environmental impact caused by the needless, selfish, stupid toll collection on the glorious Georgian bridge, and how I felt I must speak out:

I was interviewed by Bill Heine of BBC Radio Oxford who asked me about the toll. I told him about the true cost of the 5p toll: the nightmare queues causing a completely needless waste of hours of people’s lives for all those stuck in it, and the choking fumes caused by all those idling engines over this fabulous river setting.

He also gave me a really nice plug about my artweeks show. Thanks Bill! Unfortunately I didn’t hear myself broadcast. Unlikely but I wonder if any readers of this blog did?

Oh, if you haven’t signed the petition, and you’d like to, it’s here. Don’t know how much good it’ll do but, but at least I’ve done something. Sure beats moaning!

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