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Don’t thank god, thank the pilot

17 Jan 2008 / in hellbound

Cor blimey! Did you hear about the aircraft which crash landed at Heathrow?

One report I heard on BBC News 24 said “it was a miracle” that no one was badly injured. Rubbish! Don’t thank some imaginary supernatural being, thank the pilot. It is testament to the professionalism of the pilot and the flight crew, isn’t it?, to say nothing of Heathrow’s emergency services…

20 January 2008 – Edit: Here we go with the god-hugger nonsense. One eyewitness says the crashed plane was “touched by God”. Would that be a malevolent god who caused the engines to fail in the first place? Idiot. The skills of co-pilot John Coward are what saved the flight from catastrophe.

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