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The misery continues

West Oxfordshire District Council (WODC) has refused to lobby David Cameron and Oxfordshire County Council to scrap tolls on the Swinford Toll Bridge or indeed do anything much about it.

Who says two wide vehicles can’t pass? And look – there’s at least an extra 12″ there on the right hand side

And the daily misery continues. This is not global warming or a bird flu pandemic we’re trying to fix; it’s a measly toll collection which causes hours of people’s lives to be wasted in pointless traffic queues. Come, come! Whatever happened to representation of the people? Please, Powers That Be! Do something for us.

Now more than ever, pressure from ordinary people to make change happen is what matters, as our district elected representives apparently can’t be bothered. Except, of course, my very helpful councillor David Rossiter who tabled the motion on my and others’ behalfs in the first place.

In the first 12 hours after I launched my online petition yesterday more than 100 people signed it. And their comments speak volumes.

  • Steve Andrews says: ‘The delays can be absolutely ridiculous’
  • Rob Barlow says: ‘we pay for the privilege to queue in time & money’
  • Kevin Fowkes says: ‘This bridge is the bain of my life!!!!’
  • and Dan Hickman sums it up nicely when he says: ‘Its a bloody nightmare’

Although WODC may have washed their hands of the problem, for me and thousands of other bridge users the problem persists – and just like the problem I’m not going away. So I’ve written to David Cameron again! and also requested a meeting with David Robertson, the Big Transport Cheese on Oxfordshire County Council who I met at the bridge yesterday. He said he welcomed my ideas so I’ve written to him and I hope I can meet him.

In the meantime, if you think the toll bridge is a problem that needs fixing, sign my online petition here.

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