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Traffic? what traffic?

Earlier this year I spent a good deal of time ranting on this blog, as well as in the media, about the problems caused by the traffic queueing to pay a measly 5p toll at the Swinford Toll Bridge close to my home in Eynsham, west Oxfordshire. I spoke to politicians, mounted an online petition and looked into ways of solving the problem for the benefit of all who have no choice but to waste their time every working day in pointless traffic caused by 18th century transport policy.

In the end, although many people I spoke to agreed with me, I couldn’t find enough people willing to actively help me leafletting, talking to the press, campaigning and spending time to make a noise about it.

In the end my solution was a selfish, personal one. I bought a small motorcycle.

What a difference it’s made to my life! The benefits are massive! Door-to-door journey times from home to work and back are halved and there’s no more waiting around at bus stops or getting frustrated in traffic queues. Even though my bike is restricted to only 30mph, I always get to town faster than the bus. I get to wear a lovely pink leather jacket. It only costs me £2.50 to fill my tank which lasts an entire week. I ride slowly and steadily past queues of stationary or slow moving traffic. Other motorcyclists (some of who wear those sexy leather trousers) nod at me. This last point is important to a woman in her 40s!

It’s not all easy rider, though. There are downsides. I can no longer wear skirts to work. And I sometimes suffer helmet hair, when my usual fluffy barnet is reduced to being squashed to my head. Ah well. It’s a small price to pay.

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