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What a fool believes

09 Feb 2008 / in hellbound

Rowan Williams is not a fluffy benign cleric, he is naive, foolish and dangerous
I have long thought that the archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, is a fool. His recent comments about a partial introduction of Islamic ‘Sharia’ law to Britain are beyond belief and proves beyong reasonable doubt that he is ignorant, misguided, naive and dangerous. This man, who is meant to be a pillar of society (pillock of society, more like) should resign immediately.Anyone who thought that the Church of England was a benign and harmless boys’ club should now be able to see how so-called ‘moderate’ faiths are as dangerous as fundamentalist ones when they spout this kind of poppycock.

Social cohesion, human rights and equality can only be made to happen if a nation is secular -one law for all, based on shared humanity and the common good, irrespective of race, gender, sexuality and faith (or lack of it in my case). In a secular society people are free to practice their faiths, whatever they may be, and are protected by the law- equally.

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