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What is OCC going to do?

30 May 2006 / in Oxfordshire, Swinford toll bridge

A report in yesterday’s Oxford Mail charts the progress of my campaign to scrap the tolls on the Swinford Toll Bridge. It was published in advance of my meeting with Councillor David Robertson on Thursday when I shall be asking him, on behalf of thousands of frustrated bridge users:

  • when is Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) going to do something about the delays caused by toll collection, which get worse year by year? And why are they not doing anything already?
  • when is the bus lane going to built? – how much will this cost and wouldn’t it be better to put this money towards compulsorily purchasing the bridge?
  • why doesn’t OCC compulsorily purchase the bridge and get on with finding a solution? why is this not a priority?
  • does OCC know how the closure of Newbridge, further upstream, will affect use of the toll bridge? How can the situation at Newbridge become part of the wider solution for crossing the Thames in west Oxfordshire?

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